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Lesson 3: Talking about doing things

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When filling out this exercise, try to remember the first dialog in this lesson: Mark and Theodor making plans for going out at night.

You can use the umlaut-button to enter German umlauts or the ß into the text fields of any exercise ().

If the last character of the associated input-field is 'a/A', 'o/O' or 'u/U', it will change to 'ä/Ä', 'ö/Ö', or 'ü/Ü', respectively. To type an 'ß', write 'ss' into the input-field and then press .

In the following dialog, fill in the correct verb-forms for the verbs given in parentheses.

Example: Hi Karolin. Wie ____ es dir?
Hi Karolin. Wie geht es dir?

1) Mir  es gut, danke.
2) Was  (to do/to make) du heute Abend?
3) Ich  (would like) in eine Bar  (to go). Und du?
4) Ich  (would like) lieber ins Cafe  (to go).
5) Das ist auch ok.  (would like) du Fisch  (to eat)?
6) Nein, ich möchte lieber Wein  (to drink).


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