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Lesson 3: Talking about doing things

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More activities to talk about

When you study the activities on this page, do not bother to understand the meaning of the prepositions 'am', 'im', and 'ins' or why they are used in this context.

The usage of these prepositions will be explained in detail later in this lesson and in the following ones.

The following pictures show activities that you might want to talk about. All these activities include a regular verb, which you are now able to conjugate following the easy rules from the previous pages.

Click on the blue arrows to hear the words in German.

spazieren gehen
(to take a walk)

Fotos machen
(to take pictures)

im Garten relaxen
(to relax in the garden)

(to jog)

(to bowl)

ins Restaurant gehen
(to go to a restaurant)

Klavier spielen
(to play the piano)

(to travel)

am Computer arbeiten
(to work on the computer)

(to talk on the Phone)

im Garten arbeiten
(to work in the garden)

Auto fahren
(to drive a car)

In the English translation of the activities above, the verb would be put in front of the rest of the activity. For example, in English, we say: 'to relax in the garden', rather than 'im Garten relaxen'. In German, we write these activities this way. However, when we form a regular sentence with these activities in German, we do it just the same way as in English: Subject + Verb + Rest of sentence (e.g. 'Ich spiele Klavier.').

Form the correct German sentence by using the given noun/pronoun plus the given activity.

I + to work on the computer.
Ich arbeite am Computer.

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1) We + to relax in the garden
2) You (plur.) + to take a walk
3) Thomas + jogging
4) She + to travel
5) You (informal) + to talk on the phone
6) Him and I + to work in the garden
7) We + to drive a car
8) They + to take pictures
9) You (formal) + to bowl
10) I + to go to a restaurant

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