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Lesson 3: Talking about doing things

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Exercise the use of regular verbs

Do the exercises on this page and speak out the answers aloud. For the second exercise on this page, the answers are given through sound-examples. To hear them, press the -buttons.

It is time now to practice the conjugation of regular verbs by doing some exercises.

Translate the English sentences below into German. Pay attention to using the appropriate verb forms depending on the given pronouns or nouns.

I go to the restaurant.
Ich gehe ins Restaurant

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1) You (informal) drink water (Wasser).
2) But I drink beer (Bier).
3) What do you (informal) do?
4) What do you (formal) do?
5) I go to work (to work=zur Arbeit).
6) They go to work.
7) We drink water.

In the above exercise, we requested you to translate a question into German, something we haven't talked about yet. How did you master this task? If you made a mistake, don't worry about it. You could not know how to do this in German.

To form a question in German, simply put the verb in front of the subject (noun or pronoun).

Was machst du?What do you do?
Woher kommst du?Where do you come you from?

We will later in this course go into the details of forming questions. For now, just remember to change the order of the parts of a sentence: The verb comes before the subject when you ask a question.
You can further practice asking questions and conjugating regular verbs in the exercise below:

Translate the following sentences into German:

What do they do tonight?
Was machen sie heute Abend?

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1) They go to the theatre (=ins Theater).
2) Andreas and Maria go to the movies (=ins Kino).
3) But I go to a bar (=zur Bar).
4) Walter and I drink wine (=Wein).
5) And what do you (informal) drink?
6) You (formal) drink water.

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