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Lesson 3: Talking about doing things

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The regular verbs gehen, machen and trinken

On the previous page, you probably saw that Mark and Theo used some verbs that are not familiar to you at this point. Those were in particular:
gehen (to go)
machen (to do/to make)
trinken (to drink)
mögen/möchten (to like/would like)
essen (to eat)
Three of these verbs are regular, namely the first three: 'gehen', 'machen', and 'trinken'. The other verbs are irregular and will be dealt with later in this lesson and in lesson 6.

You might have noticed so far that the infinitive - the basic form of a verb - in German usually ends in 'en'. As a matter of fact, this is true for ~99% of all German verbs.

You also learned in the previous lesson (the verb 'kommen' (to come)) that the verb forms for 'wir' (we) and 'sie' (they) end in 'en' as well and are thus identical to the infinitive.
Wir kommen aus der Schweiz.We come from Switzerland.
Sie kommen aus Österreich.They come from Austria.

Now let's have a look at the complete conjugations of the three new regular verbs 'gehen', 'machen' and 'trinken'. To conjugate a regular verb in German, cut the ending '-en' from the infinitive and instead add the correct ending for the used pronoun or noun.

 gehen (to go)
1stich gehe
(I go)
wir gehen
(we go)
2nddu gehst
(you go)
ihr geht
(you go)
3rdes/sie/es geht
(he/she/it goes)
sie gehen
(they go)

 machen (to make/to do)
1stich mache
(I make)
wir machen
(we make)
2nddu machst
(you make)
ihr macht
(you make)
3rder/sie/es macht
(he/she/it makes)
sie machen
(they make)

 trinken (to drink)
1stich trinke
(I drink)
wir trinken
(we drink)
2nddu trinkst
(you drink)
ihr trinkt
(you drink)
3rder/sie/es trinkt
(he/she/it drinks)
sie trinken
(they drink)

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