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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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This is last and probably most difficult exercise. But you will see that you are already able to construct some simple texts in German that talk about people, their characters and where they are from.

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Fill in the missing German words in the following text. For each answer (input-field), the English cues are given in parentheses.

Example: Bernd __________ (is) in Bremen __________ (born)
Bernd ist in Bremen geboren.

1) Frank  (comes) aus Duisburg.

2)  (He) mag (likes) besonders gerne  (basketball).

3) Lisa  (is) Franks Freundin (girlfriend).

4)  (She) ist  (friendly).

5) Frank  (likes) Lisa.

6)  (They)  (are)  (young).

7) Frank  (is) 1977  (born).

8)  (And)  (she) ist 1978 in Österreich geboren.

9) Lisa kommt  (from) Wien (Vienna).

10) Wien  (is) sehr (very)  (beautiful).


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