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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Don't get confused by the already filled out fields (e.g. 'ihr kommt'). See it as helpful examples on how to fill out the exercises forms.

Note: For the 3rd person singular (he, she, it), it is ok to fill in either one of the German pronouns. Either one of them will be correct.

kommen (to come)
Fill into the table the correct pronouns and forms of the German verbs 'kommen' and 'sein'. Utilize the fact that the 1st person plural and the 3rd person plural always have the same endings. The 3rd person singular and the 2nd person plural have the same endings for all regular verbs (e.g. kommen, but NOT sein).


1st person        
2nd person        
3rd person        

sein (to be)
1st person        
2nd person        
3rd person        

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