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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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As you might already know: To enter German umlauts or the ß into the text fields of any exercise, use the umlaut-button .

Pressing this button will change the character in front of the cursor. If this character is 'a/A', 'o/O' or 'u/U', it will change to 'ä/Ä', 'ö/Ö', or 'ü/Ü'. To create an 'ß', type 'ss' into the input-field and then press .

As in the previous lesson, this lesson contains some exercises that will deepen your knowledge of the German grammar and vocabularies, which you have learned so far.

'ich mag' and 'ich mag nicht'.
Katrin is a person that likes arts and quiet things. What does she say to the following activities?


Ich mag Fußball nicht







Now click the "check"-button


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