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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Practicing the gender of nouns

Speak out aloud the given words and put the correct definite article in front of them.


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Even though we said on the previous page that there were no rules that help you memorize the gender of a German noun, sometimes there exist signs that give you a hint about what gender a word could have:
1) If a noun has a biological gender (e.g. father, mother, son, boy, etc...), the gender of that word in German usually fits with the biological gender. However, there are exceptions to this rule like 'das Mädchen' (the girl).

2) Nouns that end in 'e' are mostly but not always feminine (e.g. die Klasse, die Gitarre).

Following the rules above, can you tell which gender the following words have?

Tochter (daughter)
die Tochter (feminine)

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1) Bruder (brother)
2) Vater (father)
3) Großmutter (grandmother)
4) Kind (child)
5) Schwester (sister)
6) Mädchen (girl)

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