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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Ich komme aus ...

In this lesson, you will learn the names of some countries. You will also be able to hear each country's name in German through our sound feature.

By listening to Niels and Katrin on the first page of this lesson, you learned how to tell another person, where you are from. In German, we simply use the phrase 'Ich komme aus' (I come from; I am from).

Here are some examples for countries and their respective names in German. Read the following names of the countries in German, then say aloud: "Ich komme aus ..." + the country's German name. You can check your pronunciation by clicking the audio-play buttons.

AustralienAustraliaSüdafrikaSouth Africa
DeutschlandGermanyNeuseelandNew Zealand
SpanienSpainGroßbritannienGreat Britain

To ask someone, where he/she is from, use the following phrases:
Woher kommst du? (informal)Where are you from?
Woher kommen Sie? (formal)Where are you from?

Now, can you say, where you are from? Or let me ask you: "Woher kommen Sie?"

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