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Lesson 2: Describing yourself and others

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Culture: German soccer

This is the last page of lesson 2. After you are done reading, you can press the blue transfer-button () to go to the vocabularies-section. There you can study all new words from this lesson and use our vocabulary training tools to practice further and to test yourself.

Germany's Lothar Matthäus after scoring against Yugoslavia in the pre-round of the Worldcup 1990 in Italy.
In this lesson, you learned the German words for many sports activities, like Tennis, Volleyball or Basketball. However, we have not told you that for the majority of Germans, Soccer/Football is the number one sport and has a very high priority in their after-work or weekend life. Germany is among the few countries that have won the world-championships title three or more times (besides Italy (4) and Brasil (5)). The German "Nationalmannschaft" (national team) has won this most desired title in 1954 against Hungary, in 1974 against Holland and in 1990 against Argentina.

Germany also hosted the last soccer worldcup in 2006 and Germans were happy to host millions of soccer-fans from around the globe and to show their hospitality to the world.

The Dutch attacking Germany's goal in the final of the 1974 Worldcup. Germany later won the title with 2:1.
On the club/domestic level, the German 1st league (1. Bundesliga) with its 18 teams is one of Europe's best divisions, and about 50% of the players come from a foreign country. The best German club and German record champion is Bayern München (Bayern Munich), which has won the German championships 19 times altogether, more than any other German team. The Bayern also managed to win the European Cup of the national champions (the Champions League) 4 times, last time in 2001 against the FC Valencia from Spain.

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