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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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When you are done with this exercise, which is the last of this lesson, take a break or click on the blue transfer-button to go to the Courses page. From there you can go directly to the 2nd lesson.

In this exercise, you will be tested on your knowledge of the German speaking countries. Some things asked here should be known from the lesson, some things might be unknown. See this last exercise more as a fun quiz to test your knowledge. Each question below only has one correct answer. Now, how well do you know the German speaking world?

Pick the right answer for all of the following questions!

What are the three bigger German speaking countries in Europe?
Switzerland, Germany and Italy !
Austria, Germany and Switzerland !
Luxemburg, Liechtenstein and Denmark !
Holland, Luxemburg and Germany !

What is the one language that every Austrian, German and Swiss child has to learn in school?
French !
Dutch !
English !
Italian !
Spanish !

What car company is not originally German?
Mercedes Benz !
Volkswagen !
Audi !
Fiat !

Which Swiss company is world famous for its watches?
Switch !
SwissWatch !
Swatch !
Tick Inc. !

Which country was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from?
Austria !
Germany !
Switzerland !
Poland !
France !

What do German people say, when someone sneezes?
Ach du Schreck !
Viel Glück !
Auf Wiedersehen !
Gesundheit !
Weiter so !

Which soccer club won the European "Champions League" in 2001?
Bayern München !
Grasshoppers Zürich !
Borussia Dortmund !
Austria Wien !


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