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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Is this your first time in the exercises section? Did you study the vocabularies of Lesson 1 for some time? Once again, you don't have to memorize all vocabularies perfectly. Just spend some time on the new words each lesson.

To master the following exercises, fill out the white text-fields following the given instructions. Once you are done, press the "check"-button at the bottom of the page, which will tell you, whether you made mistakes and if so, how many. Wrong entries will be marked red. You can then correct these fields and try again by pressing the "check"-button. You can correct yourself as many times as you want. The exercises sections are solely meant to help you study the contents and new grammar of each lesson and to check, whether you have understood the main message of each lesson.

Fill in the missing words in the following short dialogs:

Guten Tag Frau Becker. Wie geht es _______?Ihnen
Gut, _______! Und Ihnen?danke

Guten Morgen Rolf.  geht's?
Ganz gut,  . Und dir?
Na ja, es  so.

Guten Abend Herr Lippert. Wie geht  Ihnen?
 , danke.  Ihnen?
Auch gut, danke.

Hallo. Ich  Marc. Und  heisst du?
 heisse Michael.

Hallo Marlene!
 Klaus. Wie geht  dir?

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