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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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This exercise is the last one of this lesson. After this, you should take a little break or, in case you are still in good shape, click the blue transfer-button , which will take you back to the courses overview. From there, you can directly continue with the second lesson.

This exercise is less about grammar or vocabularies but more about your general knowledge of France and other French speaking countries. In case you don't know an answer, just guess and see this exercise as something fun. For each question in this exercise, there is only one correct answer.

Pick the correct answer to each of the following questions about France and French culture and history.

Which important event in the history of France took place on the 10th of August 1792?
"The Run on the Tuilleries"
Napoleon I is defeated by the troops of the Tsar's of Russia
France and the US declare war on England to achieve independence of the American Colonies
Ludwig the 14th crowns himself and declares himself the absolute ruler of France

Which bigger island in the Mediterranean belongs to France?
Sicily !
Sardinia !
Menorca !
Mallorca !
Corsica !

The Eiffel Tower was build at the end of the 19th century for what purpose?
For the Olympic Summer Games 1900 in Paris
The Eiffel Tower was not build for a particular reason. It simply was a temporary fashion of those times.
For the World Exhibition 1889 in Paris
To honor the just deceased President Jules Grévy

In which African countries is French an official language among other languages?
Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ruanda !
South Africa, Egypt !
Somalia, Nigeria !
Namibia, Liberia !
Botswana, Lesotho !

How does one say 'thanks' in French?
tres bien !
rien ne va plus !
salut !
merci !
c'est la vie !

Which famous French woman is pictured here?

Marie Antoinette !
Josephine, Empress on Napoleon Bonaparte's side !
Jeanne d'Arc !
Brigitte Bardot !

Which mostly Anglo-American sport enjoys great popularity in modern France?
Rugby !
Baseball !
American Football !
Cricket !


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