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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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As you might have noticed in the vocabulary trainer of the last exercise, you sometimes have to enter letters with accents on them into the input fields (e.g. é, è, ç). You can do this quite easily. For example, in order to write 'ê', just put a regular 'e' into an input field and then press the accent-button (). Accent buttons should always be located on the right side of each input-field. The 'e' will then change to 'é', then (after pressing again) to 'è' and eventually to 'ê'.

On your trip to Quebec, your luggage gets lost at the airport. Because of insurance reasons, you have to describe the things that were in your luggage to the service personnel at the airport. Put the correct adjectives in their right form into the empty fields below.

Example: black umbrella
Un parapluit noir

1) interesting newspaperun    
2) long bananaune banane  
3) big hatun chapeau  
4) small ballun ballon  
5) beautiful dressune    
6) black penun crayon  

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Adds an accent or '~' to the last letter of the input-field and changes 'c' to 'ç'.
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