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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Before we start with the exercises, you should make sure that you know the vocabularies of this lesson quite well. Unfortunately, learning a foreign language never entirely works without at least some vocabulary drill. Look at the new vocabularies of each lesson for about 20 minutes and make your life easier by using our many learning games (crossword puzzles, etc..). Throughout this course, you will also encounter old and already known words. Thus, solely through reading and repetitively seeing vocabularies, you will memorize some words more easily.

You can solve our exercises by entering the correct words and phrases into the empty input fields. Click on the "check"-button below to have your exercise checked by our website. We will then tell you how well you performed (how many mistakes you made). Mistakes will be labelled in red, and correct answers will be marked in green. You can keep guessing the right answers and click the "check"-button as many times as you want. In case you really don't know an answer to t certain question, you can use our "solve"-function to have your exercise solved by our algorithm. Now, we wish you lots of fun with our exercises.

Complete the following short texts below by putting the right words into the input fields.

Example: Salut! Je ____ Pascal. Je suis __ père.
Salut! Je suis Pascal. Je suis le père.

1) J'ai  bonne  (wife).

2) Je suis Jaqueline. Je  la  (mother).
 un  mari.

3) Je  Antoine. Je  le fils.
J'ai  bonne  (sister).

4)  suis Nicole. Je suis  (the daughter).
 un  (good) frère.

5) Je  Maurice.  le chien.
J'ai  bonne  (family).

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