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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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Some more exercises

If you want to ask for something in French, you can use the expression: "Est-ce ..." (Is this/that ...?).
Est-ce un arbre?Is this a tree?
Est-ce la maison?Is that the house?

As an answer to these questions, you can either say yes or no:

Non, ce n'est pas un arbre!No, this is not a tree!
Oui, c'est un arbre!Yes, this is a tree!

Based on the pictures you can see here, answer the questions you are being asked either with 'oui' (yes) or 'non' (no).

Est-ce une commode?
Non, ce n'est pas une commode. C'est un lit.

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Est-ce un oeuf?
Est-ce une robe?
Est-ce un garage?
Est-ce un arbre?
Est-ce une fleur?
Est-ce un gateau?

You are visiting your aunt in France and you are trying to use your knowledge of French with your little niece Jaqueline, who is 3 years old. Your niece points to different things in the room and then gives you a questioning look. What can you say to her for each of the following things?

journal (interesting)
Le journal est intéressant.

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1) maison (beautiful)
2) lampe (white)
3) fleur (pretty)
4) sandwich (tasty)
5) chien (small)
6) téléphone (black)

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