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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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A few exercises

We should now take a little break and then repeat once again those things we have learned so far. Therefore we will do some exercises. Our exercises are labelled through a bold "Exercise". You can see the correct answer for each question of our exercises right away, if you move the mouse pointer over the -field. However, you should already have a correct answer or at least a quick guess in your mind before looking up the right answer.

Complete the following sentences in French.

Janine est
Janine est
la fille

1) Pierre
(is) le
?<- move over ? to see correct answer

2) Milou
(the dog).

3) François Toussaud est
(the husband).

4) Claire est

For each of the words shown, find the correct French translations and the correct definite article (le or la). Also note that the article gets shortened to 'l' + apostrophe, when the succeeding noun starts with a vowel.


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2) the brother
4) the pen

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