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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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The definite article

In French, there are exactly two grammatical genders. They are called masculine and feminine. Every noun in French has either one of these genders. The definite French articles of these genders are 'le' (masculine) and 'la' (feminine).
Here are a few already known vocabularies but also some new ones. Please learn each word below together with its French article (gender) so that in the future you will be able to use these words correctly in different contexts.

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(the wife)

le mari
(the husband)

le fils
(the son)

la fille
(the daughter)

la soeur
(the sister)

le frère
(the brother)

le chien
(the dog)

(the tree)

le ballon
(the ball)

la banane
(the banana)

la chaise
(the chair)

le chapeau
(the hat)

la commode
(the commode)

le crayon
(the pen)

la fleur
(the flower)

You most certainly noticed that the French article 'le' is replaced by 'l' plus apostrophe in front of the word 'arbre' (tree). Whenever the noun following any definite article (regardless of whether the article is 'le' or 'la') starts with a vowel (e.g. 'arbre'), the article gets shortened to 'l' plus apostrophe. With vowels, we mean the letters a, e, i, o and u.

l'amithe friend (masc.)
l'amiethe friend (fem.)
l'onclethe uncle

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