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Lesson 1: Getting Started

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La famille Toussaud

We want to start right away with reading and speaking French and get to know the Toussaud family, which lives in France. The Toussauds would like to introduce themselves to you. Try to read the sentences below aloud and find out their meaning through the English translations on the right side.

The Toussaud family introduces itself:

La famille Toussaud: Salut!
  sommes la famille Toussaud.
Hello. We are the Toussaud family.
  suis Claire Toussaud.
  suis la mère. J'ai un bon mari.
My name is Claire Toussaud. I'm the mother. I have a good husband.
  suis François Toussaud.
  suis le père. J'ai une bonne épouse.
My name is François Toussaud. I'm the father. I have a good wife.
  suis Janine.
  suis la fille. J'ai un bon frère.
My name is Janine. I'm the daughter. I have a good brother.
  suis Pierre.
  suis le fils. J'ai une bonne soeur.
My name is Pierre. I'm the son. I have a good sister.
  suis Milou.
  suis le chien. J'ai une bonne famille.
My name is Milou. I'm the dog. I have a good family.
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